Sunday, 19 July 2009

Installing My New Printer On Linux Mint 7 Gloria.

Setting up my printer (23 June 2009)

As it happens, we have a new printer.

It’s an HP Deskjet F2280 all-in-one.

I highly recommend HP printers as they are very well supported in Linux.

So, unpacked it, followed the setup instructions and connected it.

There was a short pause while it looked like nothing was happening and then a message popped up telling me that the printer had been installed, set up and was ready for use. So I opened a document hit print and it printed.


Then, because I’m that way inclined, I wanted to have a nice looking GUI to configure the printer with. And there is one available for HP printers.

Go to System > Synaptic and search for hplip-gui. And install it.

Now, to stop it running automatically (I don’t do enough printing to warrant it appearing at startup):

Go to System > Preferences > Startup Applications and untick the HP System Tray Service.

Sorted, as they say.

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