Sunday, 19 July 2009

Getting rid of the Keyring Password.

The Keyring Password

Now, when I first tried to connect to a wireless network, I was asked to create a password for the keyring. So I did and I used a different password to my user password.

Then I found that every time I booted, I was asked for this password before I could connect to my network. Gwibber, the Twitter client, wouldn’t or couldn’t use the network to access Twitter. Which, I assumed, was a permissions problem and put it down to something to do with the Keyring.

I found this a bit irritating and went to find a solution. And here’s what I learnt.

This machine is for my use only, so I didn’t really need to set a Keyring password.

To remove the password and stop the Keyring constantly asking for it, go to:

Applications > Accessories > Passwords and Encryption Keys

Hit the Passwords tab and then right click the Keyring Password (or whatever it’s called) > Change Password.

You have to put the old password in but then don’t type anything into the other two boxes and hit Change. A message pops up about lack of security, but that’s fine. Hit Ok or whatever and then reboot to see the changes.


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