Friday, 14 August 2009

Jolicloud Is Coming...


Roughly translated as "Beautiful cloud".

And it is.

A mix of Ubuntu, the netbook interface and Jolicloud's web based social OS/browser thing with extra knobs on, it's currently in an alpha state and not quite ready for everyday use. Running live it's easy to get a handle on what's going on.

So, because it's built on Ubuntu (with a 2.6.30-4 kernel) it was easy to stick it on an SDHC using Unetbootin. And because it's Ubuntu, it's like sitting in your favourite armchair.

But in a fabulously decorated room.

Greeted by this desktop, I setup my wifi connection in the usual way and jumped into setting up my Jolicloud account.

You can install all sorts of web based apps from here...

I chose to install GMail...

So without having to fire up FireFox, I can check my GMail. Cool! And it's the same for FaceBook and Twitter. And probably a whole host of other stuff, too.

Speaking of FireFox, it's nice to see it's already been setup to make the most of the smaller screens...

In fact the whole look and feel of Jolicloud just screams "WE"VE THOUGHT ABOUT IT!".

And they've got a lot more to come.

This is shaping up to be the netbook distro. As long as the newer netbooks are supported by the time it goes on general release and they don't over egg it, I can see this being everywhere.


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  1. I agree with everything you said. I've tried a LOT of the netbook Linux distros, and most fall way short. Easy Peasy (UbuntuEee) came as close as I've seen, but it is stuck at Intrepid, and there are no signs of life when it comes to a Jaunty upgrade.

    Jolicloud is a VERY slick experience. It is well thought out, and they are putting a nice infrastructure in place around it. The ease of installation for apps comes as close to the Windows/Mac experience as you'll every find.

    I have to agree: this will be THE netbook OS benchmark very quickly.